Christian men dating jewish women

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The Jewish Oral Tradition provides us with a fascinating insight into this grammatical oddity.

But if God had created such a complete human being, why the later separation into two parts, into Adam and Eve?

We see, then, that the separation had to be into two different beings, in order for us to learn to appreciate, love, give, and care for those unlike ourselves.

This is fundamental to all moral and spiritual growth.

We have seen that in order to grow, a person cannot be alone. To maximize growth, the beings need to be different, and so men and women were created as different beings. In the creation story told in the Book of Genesis, the way in which God separates man and woman provides us with an insightful look at gender differences.

We will briefly discuss here some of the most powerful of these.

If the two are identical, giving can occur, but it is limited.

One would give based on his or her own needs, since the receiver would have the exact same needs.

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