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The Crispr CAS-9 technique alters DNA by using a virus, enclosed in a blob of liquid, to alter DNA.The virus was injected into the mice’s cochleas – part of the inner ear which picks up sounds.After birth, certain injections can cause deafness in premature babies.Severe jaundice and lack of oxygen can also lead to hearing loss.Hollywood has been rocked for months by reports of sexual misconduct, but evidently there is no bad time to release a major motion picture about a gauzy romance between an adult man and a teenage boy.

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The teenager is played by Timothee Chalamet, a 20-year-old who arguably could pass for younger than 17, while Armie Hammer is cast as a 24-year-old, even though he is 31 and looks it. Hammer, who starred in “The Lone Ranger” and “The Man from U. “This is a touchy subject, and one can see by both sides why feelings may be hurt.” The film has racked up a slew of film critics’ awards, including best picture by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association. Whether the critical praise and honors will help the film sell tickets is another question.In mice born with a condition that makes them get progressively more deaf, the technique turned off a deafness-causing variant of a gene called TMC1.As humans who carry the same gene variant also suffer progressive deafness, it is hoped that the treatment will one day could be used for humans.A gene-editing treatment has been developed that has been hailed as a dramatic step towards a cure for children who are born deaf.Deafness has genetic causes in more than 50 per cent of people – and is largely incurable.

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