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So this is our system—hopefully it will encourage you to start your own mini conventions First of all you need to know you have a pool of GMs available to run games—when it comes to selling tickets people are going to want to be guaranteed a seat in a game in every slot so you can only sell as many tickets as you have spaces available.We are lucky enough in the UK to have loads of really great GMs who will happily give up their time to attend conventions and run games, but if you only have a couple of GMs you need to plan for a smaller event. The deck contains the most important thing in the world. I am accustomed to the finest of entertainers and the most unquestioning of bodyguards. Even those who think themselves powerful are my friends, eventually. A psychic who understands when and how to invoke their power, especially one who can call upon many different signs, can rewrite the world. Our Society event kept attracting new players (and GMs) and we had a regular Wednesday night game. No, not the kinds with angels, but the signs found in the stars and constellations; the forces of fate and prophecy. A year later, we both attended Paizo Con UK III, where he introduced me to many people he had been telling me stories about for the prior year.

So much that they joined us on our pilgrimage to Paizo Con UK IV in 2012.

GMs are your greatest asset, so we always try to make them know they are appreciated.

At the very least, they should get a discount on attending and the chance for some time off to play and socialize.

Of course, an event like Contingency with 500 players over 5 days is going to take a stupid amount of work but if you start small, you can definitely do it.

Contraption and 3XP are at the easy end of con-running.

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