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Hi I am Nikhil and I am back with a new adventure and true incident of a Delhi couple.

During the 40 minute journey one man who was standing behind Nupur was humping his rock hard penis in Nupur back, Sanjeev thought of complaining but waited to hear any reaction or complaint from Nupur who was not stopping or complaining of this action.

Salary was good and there was no reason to say no except for condition that she had to make change in her clothing line.

They both met at 7PM at Rajiv chowk and Nupur was super excited and was waiting for Sanjeev to tell about the compliments she received from her boss and hows the new office.

Nupur was not expecting such co-operation from Sanjeev but it bought a smile on her face.

She agree that every day she waits for a new stranger and adventure and all this do makes her wet in her panties.

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