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The news site revealed the news today (Wednesday, 14th June) and disclosed several photos of the couple together.

Although Son Yeon Jae’s rep and FNC Entertainment have yet to confirm or deny the news, Dispatch reported that the couple were spotted on a date together recently on 27th May.

Island, where he serves as the lead guitarist, keyboardist, lyricist and composer.

During his high school years, he was accepted into the FNC Music talent agency, which later formed the band F. He is majoring in digital music alongside former band member Oh Won Bin.

The couple officially confirmed their relationship back in April 1st, 2016.

The two stars have known each other since they were very young as SM Entertainment trainees who shared the same dream.

Both parties were also said to have met fairly recent in February and have only been together for 3 months.

A close friend was also quoted as saying, “Choi Jong Hoon loves to make people laugh and Yeon Jae loves to laugh.

FNC Entertainment gave the official explanation that she has decided to take a rest after talking with her entertainment.from AOA denies the rumor that she is dating Lee Suk Jin, a CEO of global company called Najin.On May 17th, FNC Entertainment announced, “After checking the fact from Cho A, it’s been cleared that the rumor is false.Many of the fans looked fondly at the couple as they both kept their relationship out of sight in consideration to their fans.However, SM Entertainment officially announced, “It is true that the two have split.” Kai continues to promote with EXO as they’re on a concert tour, while Krystal has begun preparing for her role in the upcoming drama, “Bride of the Water God”.

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