Naomie harris and orlando bloom dating

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Bloom’s debut movie was Wilde(1997) which did pretty good at the box office.

As charming as he is, you would expect him to have a lot of relationships, but he has exceeded expectations by dating over 15 celebs and current dating two women at a time when he is already 40 years of age.

Their break up also received equal attention and it did not take long for Orlando to move on.

Katy Perry was also Robert Pattinson girlfriend in 2012.

In January 2011, Miranda gave birth to Flynn Bloom.

But the shocking turn of events came in October 2013, when the happily married couple released a statement saying they had separated for several months by then. Miranda later got engaged with Snap Chat CEO Evan Spiegel.

Laura is a British model who rose to fame only due to Orlando taking her out with his friends.

The media reports say that, at present, he is dating the two casually and nothing serious has happened as of yet.They were seen very cozy and Orlando even planted a kiss in public to catch everyone’s eyeball.Following that, the cute couple was spotted in several other events and it became a known fact that they were in a relationship.When he was a kid, he had no idea who his father was.Only when he was 13, his mother revealed that Colin Stone was his father, contrary to his belief that Harry Saul Bloom was his father who died when Orlando was 4.

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