Objectdatasource rowupdating

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If it is commonplace for multiple users to be modifying the same set of data, you should consider implementing some form of concurrency control.

There are two flavors of concurrency control: optimistic and pessimistic.

It is company policy to discontinue all items that have a unit price under .00.

Consider an online store web application with an administrative interface that presents an editable Grid View control with the ability for managers to modify the product name, unit price, and and discontinued status of the inventory.Se voc precisa saber qual linha foi clicada passe o ndice da linha para o mtodo que trata o evento usando a propriedade Command Argument.A propriedade Command Argument pode conter qualquer string definida pelo programador e complementa a propriedade Commandname permitindo que voc fornea qualquer informao adicional para o comando.you can populate a dataset with the rows and bind to the grid. Every time you perform a postback you will force the dataset to be loaded and then the grid will just change the page displayed, but under the hood the whole dataset was there populated.If you have hundreds of sites and these are being accessed by multiple users it can potentially be using unnecessary bandwidth.

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