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The NA27 apparatus gives manuscript-level information to those who require it. The SBLGNT apparatus complements these functions, pointing out readings of interest for further research, instead of competing with them.The work of textual criticism is far from completed and there is always need for giving a hearing to fresh research and analysis.

That is, their 'finalized' forms are compositions of various readings from a variety of manuscripts as opposed to being equivalent to one complete New Testament manuscript.I can and do use the apparatus in the Nestle-Aland text, but (full disclosure) I could never bring myself to buy the Nestle-Aland apparatus for Logos. Holmes is right to be offended that “the exegetical habits of some scholars and students seem to reflect a belief that all the important text-critical work has already been completed, that one can more or less equate the standard Greek New Testament with the ‘original’ text.” And he’s particularly right to complain that “entire commentaries have been written that simply take the standard text as printed and scarcely discuss textual matters.” I fully agree with Holmes that the work of textual criticism isn’t over—but that doesn’t mean I have to do it myself, or do it all the time (and I don’t think he’s saying I do).My exegetical work is more often pastoral than it is academic.Basically—and as with all textual criticism it’s a mite more complicated than this—it polls the four New Testament texts of 1) Tregelles, 2) Westcott-Hort, 3) Robinson-Pierpont, and 4) Nestle-Aland* and lets you know at any given variant which editions have what. The SBLGNT is not brand new; it’s been out for several years.And in that time I’ve had a chance to put it through its paces.

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