Updating data in a linked table is not

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For a step-by-step guide on how to create a chart from your Excel data using think-cell, please consider the example from Introduction to charting.This is how the example chart data looks in Excel: To create a chart from Excel, select the desired data range in your Excel workbook, including series and category labels: The layout of your data must match the layout of think-cell’s internal datasheet: Column charts are usually created from data columns, whereas bar charts are created from data rows.When the source data for your data-driven charts is available in Excel, you can create charts directly from the Excel application.When data in Excel changes, you can either update the charts on command or have think-cell do the update automatically.

In addition to the data, some cells to the left and on top are reserved for category and series labels.

The specialist or manager can update the master table in one place, and protect the master table layout and its associated source data file from unauthorized alteration, while distributing and dynamically updating any number of linked tables.

Linked tables do not connect directly to the source data file, and cannot be used to alter the source data file or the master layout.

However, depending on how If a master table or layout is deleted, all tables or layouts linked to the master become broken links, and the table or layout is no longer viewable through the link.

Linked tables or layouts broken in this manner cannot be relinked to a master and can only be deleted.

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