Updating unemployment benefits

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After establishing how and where to apply for unemployment in California, claimants should be prepared with the necessary information on hand to streamline the process.To apply for unemployment benefits in CA, individuals need to have identifying information, such as their Social Security Number, driver’s license or identification card, as well as alien registration number (for noncitizens) or military service record (for service personnel) as needed.Many types of unemployment claims are available, including the ones listed below: California unemployment registration requires claimants to seek employment actively.In accordance to the CA unemployment EDD application,claimants must be physically able, currently available and willing to accept work right away.Claimants who file for unemployment in CA must have worked within the last 18 months.These past wages must meet a specific minimum to establish a claim.

California unemployment registration needs more detailed facts about the most recent employer such as mailing address, physical location, phone number, supervisor’s name and reason for unemployment.Workers terminated from employment or resigned will be interviewed by phone to determine qualification.The EDD interviewer will review the severance issue by collecting information from the employer and claimant.Californians who file for an unemployment claim also need their current mailing address, telephone number and all names including married, maiden and nicknames used when employed.The unemployment EDD application requires employment history on all employers in the last 18 months.

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