Updating website using ftps

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After you connect to the FTP site in Visual Studio, you can create and edit files in those sites.For information about FTP, see Working with Web pages in an FTP Web site is the same as working with Web pages in any other Web site.

NET Web Application then you will need to copy the files and the compiled project dll (by default the dll has the same name as the project like Test Project.dll) from the bin folder inside the project. With gulp you can "watch" directories for changed files, so I have it configured to watch the [bin] folder, along with assets separate from aspx/cshtml files.I've been entirely underwhelmed by the available tools to VStudio. That way whenever I change anything, it is instantly copied to my publish folder where I can later zip it up and deploy ONLY the changeset.The script even has a delay so I can delay the copy/upload in situations like bundles where they are generated dynamically and take some time to be fully modified.View thumbnails images of remote directories (in 4 different sizes).Zip support - Compress, password protect, and backup to FTP securely.

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