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honey bee, as it is a kind or type of bee, whereas it is incorrect to run the two words together as in dragonfly or butterfly, because the latter are not flies.

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Most species have historically been cultured or at least exploited for honey and beeswax by humans indigenous to their native ranges.

Honey bees appear to have their center of origin in South and Southeast Asia (including the Philippines), as all the extant species except Apis mellifera are native to that region.

Notably, living representatives of the earliest lineages to diverge (Apis florea and Apis andreniformis) have their center of origin there.

The queen, then, typically produces a percentage of diploid drone eggs. mellifera The reddish Koschevnikov's bee (Apis koschevnikovi) from Borneo is clearly a distinct species; it probably derives from the first colonization of the island by cave-nesting honey bees. indica and kept in hives in a fashion similar to A.

Apis florea and Apis andreniformis are small honey bees of southern and southeastern Asia. Apis cerana, the eastern honey bee proper, is the traditional honey bee of southern and eastern Asia. mellifera, though on a more limited, regional scale.

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